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Scoop "Pray 4 My Prey"

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TCA Music Group™ - An Independent Music Recording Company. 


TCA Music Group was founded by Carlow Stanley, a music fan and enthusiast with a passion for the music scene and artist development. We invite you to explore our website and get to know our artist. Contact us at * 



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1. TwizzMatic: [@TMatic86] Traffic music video on Vevo #WeWillBeHeard​

2. Scoop: [@ScoopTheMC] Compton music video on Vevo #WeWillBeHeard

3. TwizzMatic: [@TMatic86] Metal Jackets music video on Vevo #WeWillBeHeard​

​4. Scoop: [@ScoopTheMC] Odd Future Freestyle music video on Youtube #WeWillBeHeard

Bethany Anne "Nympho"​

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​​TwizzMatic "Read The Paper"
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